Your Austin Allergy Doctor Prescribes Pre-Cedar Season Drops


Feeling feverish?

In Central Texas, mountain cedar trees are a likely cause of allergy symptoms that include itchy, watery eyes, a stuffy nose and sneezing. We refer to it as cedar fever because some allergy sufferers also feel fatigued and have a sore throat, clogged ears, and mild headache as well. This seasonal allergy doesn’t usually raise your temperature more than a degree, but it can make you feel pretty awful.

When cedar allergies hit, they can be severe. Your Austin allergy doctor wants to equip you with current information about in-season allergens and proactive steps to take for the coming allergy season. To ward off cedar fever before it hits, secure an appointment this November and December with our Austin allergy shot clinic.

Preventive care for cedar allergies

Mountain Cedar Pollen Mountain cedar is actually a juniper tree. Texas Monthly editor Patricia Sharpe describes the allergen like this: “The progenitor of all this misery is a medium-sized, frankly undistinguished tree with sinewy limbs covered in shaggy bark that vaguely resembles orangutan fur.”

They start to pollinate in December, and the airborne pollen granules may travel hundreds of miles, affecting Austin allergy sufferers and friends and family all over Texas.

The worstsymptoms of cedar fever can hit in January and February, so plan to start seasonal allergy drops  in November or December or consider allergy shots for year-round allergy coverage including cedar. Our Austin allergy team also recommends that you take simple  steps in the home to lessen symptoms:

  • Vacuum frequently.
  • Change air filters, preferably with HEPA filters.
  • Wash your clothes (and pets) after being outdoors for an extended time.
  • Try natural remedies such as probiotics, netti pots and even spicy foods.

For up-to-date allergy alerts and advice for relieving cedar allergies, visit our Allergy-Free Austin site regularly and like us on Facebook.

Contact a board certified Austin allergy doctor, Dr. Douglas Barstow or Dr. Thomas Leath. We understand that you’d like to avoid calling in sick to work or school this year because of cedar allergies. Arrange for a timeslot now and get a jump on cedar season.

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