Summertime and the livin’ is easy—unless you have problems with outdoor allergens!


Our Austin allergists offer five tips to control the symptoms of outdoor allergens

outdoor allergies in austin In the summer, we all like to enjoy outdoor activities, but when you have allergies, you may spend all your time sneezing and blowing your nose. Fortunately, our Austin allergists are here to share five ideas that help control outdoor allergens so you, too, can enjoy some fun in the sun.

Five important ways you can control outdoor allergens

Pollen, mold, ragweed…all these outdoor allergens can cause you to experience symptoms. Our Austin allergists want you and your family to get out and enjoy activities—just follow these five helpful tips.

Don’t leave windows and doors open. Fresh air is nice but it’s important to keep outdoor allergens out of your home, office and/or vehicle by always keeping windows and doors closed and using air conditioning to stay cool.

Avoid yard work—mowing the lawn, gardening and weeding. When you mow the lawn, garden or weed, you stir up pollen and even mold in the soil. Try to enlist a family member or hire help with these chores.

Stay indoors on very windy days or when the pollen and mold counts are high. Check pollen and mold counts on our website at If they are especially high or if it is very windy, which kicks up outdoor allergens, try to stay indoors as much as possible.

If you must be outdoors when outdoor allergens are a problem, wear a mask. We know you can’t always avoid being outside for chores and activities, but if you must be out when pollen and mold counts are high, wearing a mask can help.

Wash your hair, change clothes and shower if you have been exposed to outdoor allergens. Outdoor allergens can cling to clothes and hair, so be certain to wash them off and change clothes as soon as possible when you have been outdoors.

Our Austin allergists offer treatment to help battle outdoor allergens

If outdoor allergens are causing problems, our Austin allergists can provide allergy testing and allergy shots or alternatives that may help. Contact us for an appointment.

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