The Common Cold

What is the Common Cold?

  • Colds are minor infections of the nose and throat caused by several different viruses.
  •  A cold may last for about one week, but some colds last longer, especially in children, elderly people, and those in poor health.
  • Colds are highly contagious. They most often spread when droplets of fluid that contain a cold virus are transferred by touch. These droplets may also be inhaled.
  • Is is a cold or allergies (click here)?

How to Nurse a COLD

  • Advil Liquigels OTC 600-800mg 2-3 times per day(IF NOT ALLERGIC TO NSAIDS such as aspirin or ibuprofen)Prilosec OTC daily while on Advil
  • Saline Rinses with 2x-3x salt, 2-3 times daily
  • Sudafed OTC 30mg every 4 hours as tolerated for first couple of days
  • Antihistamine first couple of days may be helpful
  • Rest, hydration, nutrition
  • Albuterol every 4 hours as needed for wheezing if asthmatic

Fall 2015 Allergy Outlook on KXAN

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Fall begins September 23rd, but fall allergens have gotten a head start in Central Texas. Four major types of pollen affect the area during each autumn season. Dr. Douglas Barstow with Austin Allergy and Asthma Associates predicts will be a heightened pollen year for fall elm.


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